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The Mystic Blue Spice Company is family owned and operated out of Buckeye, Arizona. I have always loved food, cooking food, looking at food, thinking about food, in fact I have worked in the food industry my whole life and I'm still not tired of food. So with no surprise to my family, this venture started for me some time ago when I began looking for spice blends that were "just herbs and spices". I didn't have a lot of luck with that as many of you probably already know. I'm just not a fan of the mystery spices and I wanted to know, for sure, what I was putting in my food, so I starting making my own spice blends to use at home. After a lot of encouragement from my friends and my wonderful husband, I decided to take things to the next level....Sharing all of my personal blends with all you folks!

Some blends are traditional in flavor and others are my interpretation of the traditional, but one thing is for sure....your gonna love them! I never use MSG, artificial flavors, artificial colors, fillers or preservatives and I only use Sonoma sea salt sparingly in some recipes as a natural anti-caking agent. That being said, since our blends are 100% Natural they will clump after they settle for a bit. Just shake or tap them on a hard surface before you use them. The best part...all of our products are made in small batches, packaged and sealed by me in beautiful wide mouth cobalt blue jars. See my picture? There I am packing spices just for you.

I am excited to start and share this venture with you. Thank you for stopping by and I would love to hear your feedback. Please contact us if you need help finding something, ordering large quanites or just want to say Hi.
Please note, that one of my suppliers processes peanuts and tree nuts and due to herbs and spices being processed on shared equipment, I am stating a food alergy alert for ALL of my blends. I appologize in advance for any inconvience this may cause. All products are mixed and packaged in a home kitchen that is not under regulations from the Arizona state health department. I am however, certifed under the state of Arizona with the health department and have a current card on file and follow all health and safety guidlines.